LineageOS – Der CyanogenMod Nachfolger ist da! Zoff in der Community

Nur wenige Tage nach dem Ableben von CyanogenMod steht der Nachfolger in den Startloechern: LineageOS ist da!

von Sascha Pallenberg am 26. Dezember 2016

CyanogenMod ist tot, lang lebe LineageOS! Das ging doch mal richtig zuegig. Erst vor 2 Tagen hat Cyanogen angekuendigt, dass sie den Laden dicht machen. Komplett! CyanogenMod wurde zu Grabe getragen und damit das beliebteste Custom ROM fuer Android beerdigt. Einfach so…

Um so erstaunlicher war fuer uns, dass erst vor einer guten Woche noch neue Nightlies rausgehauen wurden, die dann Android 7 auf 9 weitere Smartphones brachten. Und dann sowas. Und inzwischen sogar mit ordentlich Drama hinter den Kulissen, denn ein Google+ Posting laesst auf ordentlich Zoff schliessen

UPDATE: As of this morning we have lost DNS routing to our domains and Gerrit is now offline – with little doubt as a reaction to our blog post yesterday. The blog post in its entirety is pasted below.

A fork in the road

Last week, we released the final CM-13.0 releases, updated to the latest security patches, in anticipation of what follows.

Yesterday, Cyanogen Inc (Cyngn) announced that they were shutting down the infrastructure behind CyanogenMod (CM). This is an action that was not unpredictable given the public departure of Kondik (cyanogen himself) from the company, and with him our last remaining advocate inside Cyngn’s leadership.

In addition to infrastructure being retired, we in the CM community have lost our voice in the future direction of CM – the brand could be sold to a third party entity as it was an asset that Kondik risked to start his business and dream. Even if we were to regroup and rebuild our own infrastructure, continuing development of CM would mean to operate with the threat of sale of the brand looming over our heads. Then there is the stigma that has grown to be attached to anything named ‘Cyanogen’. Many of you reading this have been champions of clarifying that the CM product and CyngnOS were distinct, yet the stain of many PR actions from Cyngn is a hard one to remove from CM. Given CM’s reliance on Cyngn for monetary support and the shared source base, it’s not hard to understand why the confusion remains.

It will come as no surprise that this most recent action from Cyngn is definitely a death blow for CyanogenMod.

However, CM has always been more than the name and more than the infrastructure. CM has been a success based on the spirit, ingenuity and effort of its individual contributors – back when it was Kondik in his home, to the now thousands of contributors past and present.

Embracing that spirit, we the community of developers, designers, device maintainers and translators have taken the steps necessary to produce a fork of the CM source code and pending patches. This is more than just a ‘rebrand’. This fork will return to the grassroots community effort that used to define CM while maintaining the professional quality and reliability you have come to expect more recently.

CM has served the community well over its 8 long years. It has been our home, bringing together friends from all over the world to celebrate our joy of building and giving. Its apt then that on this Eve of a holiday we pay our respects. We will take pride in our Lineage as we move forward and continue to build on its legacy.

Thank you & Goodbye,
The CyanogenMod Team

Aber auf Reddit wurden die Fronten schon recht schnell geklaert und es sieht so aus, als wuerde nun LineageOS die kompletten CyanogenMod Sourcen syncen und uebernehnem:

Innerhalb des Threads wird u.a. auch noch darauf hingewiesen, dass man daran arbeite ein Update auf LineageOS anzubieten und das ohne, dass ihr eine Neuinstallation fahren muesst.

In einem ersten Blogposting kuendigt man auch gleich noch eine ausfuehrlichere Erklaerung fuer den kommenden Dienstag an…. dann soll LineageOS offensichtlich richtig durchstarten:

Yes, this is us.

You’ve probably read the news articles today. If you haven’t, please see the following:

So, yes, this is us. LineageOS will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was. To quote Andy Rubin, this is the definition of open. A company pulling their support out of an open source project does not mean it has to die.

Check back for more information on Tuesday.

Written on December 24, 2016

Auf der offiziellen LineageOS-Webseite werde schon reihenweise Kontakt- und Kommunikations-Moeglichkeiten angeboten. Wer sich also einbringen moechte… Gerrit, IRC und Reddit stehen bereits zum Austausch zur Verfuegung.