CES 2018: LG zeigt 65 Zoll großen ausrollbaren Fernseher

LG hat zur CES auch den Prototypen eines rollbaren Fernsehers mitgebracht mit einer Bildschirmdiagonale von maximal 65 Zoll. Im Video führen wir euch dieses abgefahrene Teil vor. 
von Nicole am 8. Januar 2018

The CES is a very versatile tech event, but has always been this fair is known that there presenting the world’s largest manufacturers their latest television early January. Of course, this also applies to LG : The Koreans have brought along not only the product portfolio, which will find the buyers in the year 2018 in the shops, but also prototypes.

For example, we were able to watch this 65-inch TV, whose special feature is that the OLED display can be rolled up. Say, the screen is curled up in the closet , like a rug. The part can be partially or completely unrolled and used – plays it on the display music, the TV does not have to be rolled out to its full size. The idea is that this capability brings much better space utilization opportunities that existing televisions do not have.

This feature looks quite virgin in the prototype, so you might wonder what’s so special about a display that disappears in the closet. It is not clear  which variations of the room use are meant or what opportunities arise with a retractable display. For a final product, however, the screen could also roll up outside of the piece of furniture, making the feature all the more impressive.  

It’s not the first time we’re dealing with flexible or scrollable displays, but this solution looks like we’re approaching a product that we can actually buy and place in our living rooms over the next few years. So far, however, it is just a prototype that is not yet available for purchase, but which allows for an exciting look into the future.